Fashion shows

Beauty on the runway

Do you want to spice up your party? Do you need attractions during a gala or other important event? Decorate them with our creations!

We give you the opportunity to rent a dress and models, as well as organize a DeVu fashion show from A to Z.

We can precede the show with other attractions, castings and voting, which will culminate during your event.

We have a team of competent people with experience and appropriate contacts and qualifications to professionally and professionally organize this type of project. We want the organization to run smoothly and its message to be of high quality.

We will organize an elegant and elegant attraction,
always on the spot, always on time!

It is up to you to decide whether you want to rent our collections, whether our scope includes comprehensive event service or only assistance in part of its organization.

We will gather the right team and add splendor to your event with a phenomenal show, using modern technological facilities. A fashion show must be buttoned up to the last button to arouse admiration and delight in the audience.

Below you will find packages to choose from. You can choose one variant or combine them freely.

Packages – outfits from the DeVu collection and:

  • models and models
  • a unique collectiontailored to the occasion (e.g. costumes for the Miss competition)
  • backstage – positions for make-up artists, hairstyles, make-up
  • selection of musical repertoire, sound technician, lighting, large screens
  • stage, catwalk
  • marketing service, preparation of a sponsorship package, implementation
  • guest service – hostesses, bar, catering, carpets, chairs, tables
  • organization from A to Z

We invite interested parties to send us information about the planned event and the possible scope of cooperation by e-mail. A person dedicated to a given function or a manager responsible for the comprehensive organization of events will be delegated to contact you.

Please send messages to

We will call you back to discuss the details.