The most beautiful day in the life of little women

Our experience sprouted new possibilities in the field of designing communion dresses. This special day for every girl can be the perfect occasion to fulfill her dreams of being a little princess. A dress can be simple and modest, but also more sophisticated and graceful. One thing is for sure. It should be elaborate in every detail, comfortable and unobtrusive.

Our studio produces long, classic, princess, 3/4 or 7/8 dresses, short to the knee, or in the Carmen style with a longer back. We try to propose unique and exceptional cuts so that every girl in our dress, receiving Holy Communion, feels the seriousness of the moment and becomes aware of her femininity. This unique occasion requires, however, that, despite certain preferences and expectations, the garment should have a style, but not be too provocative and too exaggerated in decorations.

We will advise, select and do everything we can,

to celebrate the power of the moment with a dress.

Our offer also includes boleros, handbags, gloves and other accessories prepared in our studio. All accessories are handmade and we make every effort to ensure that they are absolutely unique. Just like the girl who will wear them

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