We have worked out the possibility of ordering tailored dresses without visiting the Atelier. To make it we will need your measurements. As soon as we get the order, we will send you a special questionnaire with an instructional link on how to take the measurements. You can do it yourself or with the help of your  local seamstress. Based on this and the details, colors, patterns and types of fabrics, we will sew your dream dress for you. 
It’s easier than you think, with the delivery to any place in the world, without leaving your home…

What next
The dress is delivered to you by courier. In your free time, you can calmly try it on and evaluate it. In 98% of cases, everything is fine, but if you are not sure or in some place the creation is not yet perfect, we proceed exactly the same as in the case of stationary sales. You mark the places for corrections, describe them, you can also send us photos by e-mail or mms and send it back to us.

Everything done 
In the price of your order we have included eventual corrections, so they are free of charge and cut into one of the stages of creating each custom-made dress. We make changes and send the dress back to you. The length of the entire process should not exceed 14 days, but it depends on the number of corrections that we will have to make. Usually, however, we end up with one, maximum two and your creation can be shown to the world.

Do you have questions before ordering? Write to us. We will reply as soon as possible.