Franchise salon

Franchising is one of the most popular ideas for your own business today. Your business.

Starting a business under a known name is much easier and more profitable than creating your own brand from scratch. First of all, it requires much less money on marketing and does not take up so much time.

I guarantee constant cooperation on attractive sales terms, promotional materials, training and nice cooperation.

Be the boss, use our experience,

reach for your own confident success.

You will minimize the risk of failure and increase your chances on the market with a well-known brand. You will receive from us current industry information along with insight into new products and creations presented at world fashion shows.

If you already run a company in the clothing industry and want to develop it with an interesting brand or are just specifying your investment plans, please contact me.

As part of the cooperation, you can open a DeVu Showroom or Partner Point in your city.

I will help to arrange the space of your salon, advise in the selection of creation, styling and display. We will equip the premises with showpieces on preferential terms.

I can assure you that it is worth working with me and taking care of the further development of my brand. I promise that I will make every effort to ensure that our collections are recognizable and unique, and their quality meets the highest standards.

Send to …… information about your plans and development opportunities.

I will send you the basic terms of cooperation and we will contact you to discuss them.

Chief designer
The owner of an artistic fashion studio and the DeVu brand
Diana Walkiewicz