Despite its widespread use, tracksuit is often an underestimated garment, and its purchase does not arouse much emotions in users. Many people, when choosing a tracksuit, do not pay much attention to its appearance or quality, approaching its function in a downplaying way, categorizing it as a “home” or “work” outfit. Nothing could be more wrong. Due to the frequency of use, tracksuits have the most contact with our body, allow it to breathe or not, and are statistically the most frequently viewed garment by our loved ones and neighbors. If we workout in sweatpants, we must provide our body with maximum comfort of movement, and the skin with adequate microventilation. The tracksuits designed by Diana Walkiewicz and sewn in the DeVu studio are made of the highest quality microfiber, produced to order in Turkey. They provide comfort, quality and a beautiful look every day, have interesting, fashionable and at the same time original cuts and unusual color combinations. The best you can give your body to let your skin breathe to the fullest.

Be beautiful in sports, be beautiful at home, be beautiful on the go!