The mother of the bride

Creation of a Wedding Mom – it just cannot repeated

Isn’t it the right day for a woman who raised such a wonderful child to look as beautiful as she deserves? Of course! Well, the first lady who is the most important at the wedding after the bride is her mother and the groom’s mother. They also deserve huge congratulations on their children’s wedding, and this day is an equally profound experience for them. Parents love their children above all else, and they participate in every stage of their wedding.

Sew, not buy?

The mum’s wedding dress cannot be repeated. Its design and sewing is a real challenge. The style of the outfit depends on the mother’s taste and preferences, but the implementation of this unique outfit is in our hands. This is a very responsible task. We open up a wide range of patterns and models of dresses for the mother, but not only. Many women choose suits or trousers. Jackets, hats. It all creates a kind of work of art tailored to the figure, distinguishing the mother from other guests in a tasteful and distinguished way.

We can choose fabrics from all over the world, professional advice, sewing tailored to the figure, taking into account all comments.

We invite you to send your orders online or visit our Atelier. We assure you that we will make every effort to ensure that the wedding mother feels comfortable, elegant and joyful that day.