Unique occasion, outfit, significant accessories, souvenirs – make them even more special

Personalizing a product through embroidery is a popular method of marking which aims to distinguish it from others. It underlines its uniqueness and gives additional joy. It can be a dedication on a product that is to be a gift, the initials of the future owner, selected stucco or pictures.

We can embroider whatever you want on each of our products in a beautiful, sophisticated way, so that it becomes more valuable.

We offer embroidery with special threads, including gold and pearl threads. The most beautiful fonts and themes, personalization at will.

We also offer an innovative way of personalization on laces. We can make a special decoration with certain information and place it on the product in a subtle way.

The effect is stunning, and the creation or accessory marked with it acquires absolutely spectacular value.

Tell us what and how you want to decorate the embroidery, and we will do it as it should. We can embroider a name, surname, initials, a unique date or any sentence – wishes, playful texts or confessions.

Can’t you gather your thoughts?

We offer a copywriting service. You can order a poem, wishes and other texts written by a professional especially for you and attach them also in a printed version on special stationery.

Top 10 personalized products:

1. Bathrobe with initials
2. Collection of mom and daughter with inscriptions
3. Personalization of clothes for baptism for twins
4. A pocket square for the groom matched to the wedding dress
5. Baptism robe
6. The name on the belly in a dress for pregnant women
7. Embroidered wedding or communion gloves
8. Initials on accessories
9. Personalization of the train by sewing decorative lace
10. Embroidery on underwear

* Embroidery applies to any products from our offer.

In case of doubts or questions, we will be happy to answer and advise you.