Video chat – online consultation

Virtual Fashion World for you!

We have introduced a pilot fashion consultation project!

We invite you to talks and advice from our on-line consultants. Thanks to the development of the best technologies, you are now able to contact us in any conditions, at any time, from anywhere in the world!

During the first on-line conversation, you will find out what a videochat consultation looks like, we will try to decide together what topics we will work on and in what form we will complete the order.

It is now so easy to find yourself in our virtual Atelier

During the on-line consultation you will learn:

  • what is your type of beauty
  • what colors match your skin and eyes – it is very important that the clothes match the characteristic features of the appearance
  • what typefaces are right for you
  • what are the prices of the appropriate products that can be used to decorate the ordered creations
  • accessories and accessories – what to combine with what
  • we will review your wardrobe – we will suggest changes and new products

If you have any questions, we will answer them, dispel doubts and advise specific solutions. Like rose petals, you will develop your view of fashion. You will broaden your horizons, you will open yourself to the world. You will learn about new products, fabrics, accessories and their application. You will also learn something about yourself. If necessary, we will make an on-line metamorphosis! In simple words, we will provide you with as much useful knowledge as possible so that you can make next correct decisions about your outfit and overall appearance. If, after consultation, you want to order a creation, it is also possible on-line! In the video chat, we will show you how to remove dimensions and step by step we will create the perfect product for you.

Remember that you are beautiful! We are just opening up possibilities

How to use the chat?

First, you must be an adult or use this function with a guardian.

The hours during which you can use the chat are optional – we answer as soon as the mobile device is available.

We arrange an on-line consultation via video chat during the first contact.

The consultation lasts about 60 minutes.

To start a chat, just click the START CHAT button, located on each subpage in the lower right corner (or somewhere where it will be)

If you want to go to videochat from an ordinary chat, just click on the webcam option on the conversation screen.

Support chat when ordering products is free.

Consultation with the use of videochat and on-line metamorphosis, like other design services, is payable, but it is a refundable cost if you order a creation in our store or studio.

Write to us on the chat, in response you will receive information about the packages available on video chat and the terms of using the offer.

We warmly invite you!