Every woman, regardless of age, preferences or life stage, has certain occasions when she should shine, shine and delight. An evening outfit should therefore have charm, dazzling shine and carry the magic of a unique night.

We love them. When designing an evening outfit, we can reach for the most deeply hidden ideas in our head. We have literally everything to choose from, shiny applications, Italian and French lace, stones, pearls, sequins and a whole lot of little things for the best effect. Pattern depending on the occasion, modern, classic, simple, bold… frills, wide sleeves, draping, open back, deep necklines, and maybe a cut to the neck and bare shoulders.

Traditional fashion does not include evening dresses.

Each of them carries its own story and creates another.

Many ideas are hard to resist, but remember that everything should be in a moderation and a good taste. You can go crazy with cuts, patterns, fabrics, but balance them according to the rules of tailoring art.

A long or short dress, black or colorful, shiny or a modest dress with a provocative shape. You can be a subtle lady or a sexy cat. It depends on your idea of ​​yourself and how you set yourself up for this special night.

You can become whoever you want to.

Delicate, natural or aggressive, unpredictable. We will transfer all findings to the machine and create a phenomenal and unique creation for you. We will advise you on how to choose the right pattern, hide what is not liked and emphasize your strengths. You are to feel comfortable and self-confident in it. To like to look in the mirror and smile when you see yourself.

We provide consultation in the selection of appropriate underwear, hairstyles, jewellery or makeup. You can order any accessories from us as well as take advantage of our advice. Do you have any questions? Write to us on chat, by e-mail or simply call us. We are at your disposal.

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