Each of us had a stage in our life where we dreamed of becoming a real princess. Put on a wonderful, magical gown, twinkling in the light of the lights, and for once break away from reality to become someone else.

… .For one day, one night.

Baptism, Holy Communion or a wedding are special moments in life and unique occasions to make dreams come true. So if an unusual event awaits you, just come to our Atelier. We will dress you and your loved ones.

We sew amazing creations for women and girls of all ages. We offer all children’s and women’s sizes. If you have children, we can create the same or a similar outfit for you and them. Size is not a barrier. Following the current trend, we will make a project and sew a wonderful princess dress in the mother and daughter version, or big sis, small sis or mini princess.

Watch the inspiration

Fairy-tale creations of Me & Mini Me

Big Sis & Small Sis Mini Princess

We download fabrics from all over the world. Flowing silk, tulle of various weights and shades, smooth or sparkling with brocade, and for the youngest princesses – also child-friendly materials. Dresses are decorated with lace elements, pearls, stones or crystals. Everything you dream about, whatever you think about and whatever you want, you will find with us.

We are only limited by your imagination. A dress or a dress can have any shape – baubles, the letters A, Princess Diana or a little ballerina. It can have a corset or stiffeners sewn in, shine and sparkle with all colors. It can be your idea, ours or any of the most beautiful designs in the world. We diversify our creations with bows, flowers, gloves and other handmade accessories.

Each of us is a princess …

… the day comes when we can show it

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