A gust of warm wind, the sound of waves, the smell of flowers

and you … light, airy, joyful, dancing barefoot on the sand

Outdoor – Paradise on Earth

Do you put your whole heart into the organization of this day? Let us do our best. A beach wedding in the touch of the sun and music flowing from nature is a fulfillment of youthful dreams, but also a challenge. Its character should be consistent, planned in harmony with nature, so we must make every effort to ensure that your outfit complements the whole.

An outdoor ceremony can have two faces. One is a semi-official style, where the wedding itself has a designated and solemnly prepared place outside the building, a white carpet, chairs for guests, i.e. a Hollywood character. Here we can look for our own place, style, as well as decoration style and balance between femininity, girlishness, elegance, boho style and lightness.

The second is open-ended, like a book that writes itself. An example of such a ceremony is a beach wedding. Feet immersed in the sand, the wind in your hair, the body touched by the rays of the sun, spontaneous fun, tables, blankets, canopies. Freedom, joy, fullness of life and smiling you – unlimited, open to a beautiful new journey together.

We will guide you along paths where you can decide whether you prefer a wreath, a loose bun and a flower in your hair or a veil. Should the dress have delicate openwork, lace or the lightness of a cloud? We will help you choose the right solutions for your dreams, so that everything fits together and has the perfect character.

Our studio produces both long and short cuts with the use of transparent fabrics, lace, tulle, muslin, fringes and knitted fabrics. The dresses are casual and the comfort of their use leaves no illusions.

They are sewn only for one and only Bride

– unique, natural, fragrant with love

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